Girl Walks Around NYC With No Pants!

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If a woman was walking next to you and she wasn't wearing any pants would you notice? All these people in New York City certainly didn't.

Pennywise In Real Life Killer Clown Prank

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This balloon popping clown scares the life out of these poor souls.

Balls In The Face Prank

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Just in time for Thanksgiving 0,5er a prankster from Germany has a very unique growth on his neck. It almost looks like a gizzard you would find hanging from a turkey's neck. It certainly makes for awkward situations ...

Pepper Sprayed Toilet Paper in Butt Prank

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She finally gets revenge on his @$$! Talk about being but hurt or in this matter but burned!

Pranksters Getting Knocked Out – Top 5 Of All Time

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Every once in a while pranks simply don't work out as planned and one of us ending up taking one for the team. Please enjoy this Pranksters getting knocked out Compilation 2014. Knockouts.

Explosive Diarrhea Prank

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The title says it all. I just didn't expect it to be so sudden and explosive.

Does The Public Fear Pit Bulls? Aggressive Dog Breed Social Experiment!

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Is there an attack on Pit Bulls by the media? Is society being mislead? You be the judge!

I’m Not Sad, I’m Happiness Challenged

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One of the best videos of Freaky the scary snowman. Maybe there was something in the water that day. These reactions are over the top hilarious.

Sneezing On People In Public Prank

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One of the Prank Bros early pranks. Brian hides a water bottle up his sleeve, sprays people on the back of their necks. In some scenes he even uses the wind to carry the sneeze into peoples faces, while he's pretendin...

The Scary Snowman Is Back!!!

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Tis the season to scare the sugar plums out of people. That's right, The Scary Snowman is back for a 5th season. Rumor has it that episode one will be filmed in Newport Rhode Island and will be available to watch Than...