Why More Marketing Agencies Are Joining MarTech Affiliate Programs to Grow Their Recurring Revenue


Marketing agencies have traditionally relied on affiliate programs to generate recurring revenue streams to run their businesses. The passive income generated by affiliate programs can help provide financial stability so agency owners can focus on growing their businesses.

Recent reports show that the affiliate marketing industry is gearing up to spend over $8 billion dollars by next year. That’s a 50% increase in just 4 years!

Needless to say, the future for affiliate marketing looks unstoppable. That is, of course, if agencies are able to stay up to speed with the technological innovations that are transforming the way marketing departments operate.

Marketing in the information age means that agencies rely heavily on consumer data to run highly-targeted campaigns. Of course, managing marketing operations and running effective campaigns is much easier said than done.

The good news is that martech affiliate programs can help agencies remain competitive by streamlining and optimizing their marketing efforts. Examples include this list of affiliate programs from Showcase IDX.

Let’s take a look at how martech can transform your marketing department from a cost center to an affiliate revenue-generating machine. 

What is a MarTech?

MarTech is essentially an analytics platform that combines marketing, sales, and revenue data for marketing teams. In other words, they are software platforms designed to maximize your marketing efforts.

Some of the most popular companies in martech include names like MailChimp and HubSpot. These platforms enable marketers to perform, analyze, and improve upon their services.

At a time when most agencies would hesitate to make meaningful investments in technology, it’s worth pointing out a few of the powerful benefits that martech can provide.

How martech can benefit your marketing agency

Marketing agencies traditionally struggled with being able to review how customers interacted with their brand and getting access data. This made it difficult for marketers to work together to provide a great customer journey and experience.

Martech now enables marketers to view vital customer data in one place to give them a holistic view of the customer’s lifecycle. Now marketing agencies have an efficient way of evaluating their marketing performance and make improvements in areas that require it.

Specifically, martech can improve your marketing in the following ways:

Content management system

As the saying goes, Content is King, and in affiliate marketing, content is vital for success. However, without a robust content management system, it will be difficult to organize your website and marketing materials efficiently.

In addition, your agency will be better-positioned to create and distribute content with affiliate promotions on a more frequent basis than normally done on one-off campaigns.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System

Marketing automation is an effective tool that allows agencies to reach a broad market through multiple marketing avenues. A CRM, on the other hand, allows marketers to nurture relationships with clients by providing all the relevant information you need to understand your customers.

Social media management

With millions of users switching back and forth from one social media platform to another, marketers have their hands full trying to execute a coordinated effort. Fortunately, marketers can import all their social media profiles onto one platform to manage and engage with users.

Not only does this help save time effort for your marketing staff, but you are also helping to maintain a consistent brand messaging for your users.

Growing recurring revenue with MarTech affiliate programs

Martech tools provide marketing agencies valuable insight into their profitable segments and sales sources. By having clear data about their customer base, they are able to make smarter and more efficient marketing decisions.