Twitter Flags Trump For Saturday Morning Voting Lies As Biden Prepares For The Presidency


Trump was being flagged for lies about voting on Saturday morning, whereas Joe Biden is on the point of be president.

The tweets and the Twitter flags:

The votes that Trump is speaking about nonetheless haven’t been counted. They have been voluntarily separated in Pennsylvania. There was transparency all by means of the counting course of. Democrats and Republicans have been current with the vote-counting televised.

Trump has misplaced seven straight court docket challenges to the election as a result of he has no proof to assist his claims, and in court docket, as a result of I mentioned so will not be a legitimate authorized argument.

In the meantime, Joe Biden spoke on late Friday night time and calmed the tensions that Trump is making an attempt to enflame:

Trump is soothing his ego, whereas Joe Biden is placing America first.

After 4 years of Trump’s absentee presidency, we’re about to be reminded of the worth of getting somebody within the White Home who desires to do the job of being president.

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