Prince Harry Addresses Those Naked Las Vegas Photos in His Most Revealing Interview Yet – E! Online


Hat tip to Dax Shepard for bringing that up. 

On Thursday, May 13, the actor’s podcast sit-down with Prince Harry went live, offering more than 90 minutes of a candid chat with new California resident the Duke of Sussex. While the royal is no stranger to interviews, it’s not often he touches on subjects like, say, those photos of him naked in Las Vegas. Long before becoming a dad, husband or stepping down as a senior member of the royal family, Princess Diana‘s second son was 27, on holiday in Sin City and suddenly in hot water after photos of him in the nude in his hotel suite surfaced online.

“I’m really excited to meet you because, in full disclosure I’m the most ill-informed person on the royal family, at least in my circle,” Dax told Harry. “You’re the only one I ever knew and simply because you were in those awesome nude photos in Vegas. And I literally said to myself, ‘This guy’s a party!'”

“I’m sure, you’re constantly looking for other people to go, sort of balance out your own behavior, right?” Harry replied. “It’s relatable!”

Shepard’s thoughts on the matter didn’t stop there. “On top of that, I was like, ‘God! This motherf–ker’s got a good body!’ You are in tremendous shape.”

“Okay, now it’s getting weird,” Harry said before noting, “That was a few weeks before I went to Afghanistan.” During his decade spent in the Army, Harry served two tours of Afghanistan, once as a Forward Air Controller in 2007 and 2008. Between September 2012 and January 2013, he returned as an Apache Pilot.