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Magic Mirrors and Photo Booth Hire in Rugby

Jan 9

Having a Photo Booth or Magic Mirror is a great way to capture your family and friends' memories. There are many different options to choose from including Selfie Mirrors, Open Shoot, and more.

Selfie Mirrors

Taking a photo with a Magic mirror or photo booth is a great way to capture memories of an event. These photo booths allow users to take fun photos and also offer a good chance to interact with other attendees. The results are printed on a high quality dye sub printer and can be customised with logos and names.

Photo Booth Hire in Rugby provides guests with a unique experience that can be printed and shared with friends and family. Some companies offer digital copies of the images, which are a great way to keep the memories alive.

One of the latest trends in photo booths is the selfie mirror. It is a similar concept to the traditional photo booth, but it uses touch screen technology to activate the mirror. The mirror is then loaded with colourful animations. It also features a built-in camera that will take photos. The mirror will then prompt your guests to leave a message or sign a piece of paper.

Open shoot

Whether you're planning a birthday party, corporate event, wedding, or any other event in Rugby, magic mirrors and photo booths can make your event a hit. They're a great way to engage your audience and create memories that you'll never forget. Hibberts Kitchen is located on the grounds of St. Mary’s Catholic Church, this venue can seat up to 60 guests but can hold a maximum of 100 guests. This location is perfect for birthdays, intimate weddings, business meetings and more.

There are several different types of magic mirrors and photo booths to choose from. Some offer a full-on show, while others are more of a happy medium. You can also find photo booths that are enclosed, which offer a more private space for taking photos.

You'll also find that both magic mirrors and photo booths have their pros and cons. Magic mirrors are a great way to attract a large crowd, while photo booths can be a lot more expensive and offer a more limited space. You should also take into account the quality of the photo prints.

A magic mirror photo booth allows you to see yourself in a mirror and stamp your own emoji. In addition, it gives you the chance to write on the glass or use digital props. You can also add hashtags to your photos and receive high-quality prints immediately.


Using a photo booth is a great way to capture memories at any event. But if you want to take things to the next level, you should consider hiring a Magic Mirror. This innovative photo booth allows users to create personalised photographs by writing or drawing on them. You can also add emojis and text to pictures.

Magic Mirrors are also a great way to create brand awareness at an event. They can be used for commercial events, weddings, parties, and retail promotional events. They are also useful for driving traffic into stores. These photos can be customised with names, dates, and hashtags. They can also be uploaded to a variety of photo destinations.

Magic Mirrors also allow guests to play games. These games are designed to enhance engagement and help visitors to remember the event. These games can be customised to fit any event.

These mirrors can also be customised with a logo or background image. They can be used for events, trade shows, and festivals.


Those who are looking for magic mirrors and photo booths in the UK can find a variety of options to choose from. The traditional Classic Booths remain popular, but there are new options for those looking for a more unique and fun experience. You can find Magic Selfie Mirrors, 360 Photo Booths and more. These types of booths are great for events and parties. They allow users to get a personalised photograph while allowing them to relive a special moment in time.

Guests can sign their name and add fun emojis to their photos. Once they have finished taking a picture, they can text a digital copy to a friend. The photos are then printed on high quality dye sub printers within 10 seconds. The prints can be personalised with a name, date, and logo. These prints are available in a variety of sizes and are printed on high quality photo paper. You can also choose to have the photos delivered on USB sticks, built-in SMS, or as an email.


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