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IBC Tote Mixer Uses

Dec 16

Ibc anti-contamination mixer is an essential piece of equipment for anyone who works with re-usable intermediate bulk containers (IBCs, for those in the know). A specialized industrial mixer can help you get your work done more efficiently, saving you time and money while delivering high-quality results.

The EvenMix IBC Tote Mixer is tough enough to handle your most challenging mixing situations, yet it’s lightweight enough for one person to operate. It’s the only mixer in the world that features a patented blade design engineered to be both strong and easy to use, so you can mix chemicals, food, paint, pharmaceuticals and more with confidence.

IBC Tote Mixer Features

IBC tote mixers are designed for blending light viscous liquids, dissolving solids, re-suspension of settled materials and more. They’re ideal for use with industry standard 1000 / 800 litre plastic transportable containers with 150mm screw caps from manufacturers. They feature a lightweight stainless steel bridge that mounts directly to the IBC frame and is secured in place with quick action toggle clamps. A deluxe lifting eye or bolt on module can be added for use with hoists or fork lift trucks. An Ibc option is available for those working with flammable liquids.

A rotary air powered IBC tote agitator 10-55 Tote-Stick mixes a broad range of liquid formulations by pulsing compressed air into all corners of the tote tank. This efficient vertical 'bottom-up' gravity mixing process mixes paints and other liquids in minutes, at any level of the tank. It also shortens time-to-temperature for heated tote tanks by mixing the contents of the liquid as it rotates through the heat source.

For heavier, dense or more viscous materials, a gear drive IBC mixer is commonly used. These tote mixers are typically larger overall-including horsepower, shaft diameter and mixing impellers-to generate the necessary torque. They’re often equipped with a folding, collapsible mixing impeller that fits through the tote’s 6-in. opening but expands to its full size once the gear driven motor is activated.

An optional low level kicker is also available for a more thorough bottom to top mixing of products, particularly when liquid levels in the container drop below the E-400 folding impeller. A dual impeller setup can be ordered for higher viscosity or high solids applications.

Using an IBC blender for tote mixing removes the need to open and empty the container for manual cleaning. This increases product throughput and reduces manufacturing downtime. It’s also a cost-effective solution for those who regularly use a large variety of recipe mixes, as they can be mixed in the same vessel without worrying about cross-contamination. This is made possible by a tote mixer’s independent blending system, which separates the loading and unloading of ingredients from the mixing process itself.