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Water Slide Rentals-Water Obstacles

May 31

Inflatable water slides are the perfect way to cool off at any event. They are made out of lead-free, vinyl for your children's safety. They are also thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before each rental.

Race down our dual lane wave slide and splash into the pool at the bottom! If you need more space, our water combo includes a wall climb, basketball hoop area and bouncing areas.

Jumping Bounce houses

Prices for bounce houses vary depending on location and the size. Rural areas tend to be cheaper. The bounce house rental price will increase if the bounce house is more elaborate (especially if it has water slides).

Calling around will give you the best idea of what a bounce-house rental will cost. Many companies offer specials around the holidays and springtime, so you might be able to find a great deal. Also, be sure to haggle a little bit. Some rentals may be willing to reduce the price by a few dollars in order to seal a deal.

Also, if you plan on using the bounce house at a public park or space, make sure to check with the city about regulations regarding inflatables. You may be required to buy a permit, or they may even have safety rules you must follow. In that case, an attendant will be needed to supervise the bouncy castle and enforce any rules.

Inflatable water slides

They look forward to it with great anticipation. After a long winter that has strained their muscles, they wait with great expectations for summer. They want a great time and to have lots of fun.

Blow up slides are an excellent way to provide your kids with the entertainment they require in the backyard, or at a large event. Rentals can range from $150 to $250 per day. Renting them can cost more if they have more features and are larger.

If the water slides will be used near sticks or stones that can puncture the base of the slide, place the vinyl tarp beneath it before inflation. Remember to remove the water spout when packing it up. This will keep the hose straight and prevent it from bending.

After use, clean the slide with water and mild soap. It is also important to dry the slide before storing it to prevent mildew and mold growth.

Water Obstacles

Water obstacle courses can be a great way for kids to stay entertained and cool down on hot summer days. They are an affordable option that provides a lot of entertainment for the money, About to know more:

These fun obstacles offer a unique experience for children of any age. They are both challenging and secure. The campers at Shalom are always happy to participate in this activity.

For example, the X Beam challenge is one of our most popular challenges. This obstacle is a balance challenge that requires the ability to swing through gymnast rings as well a strong grip on overhead holds. This challenge will be easy for kids, and can even be adapted for those with disabilities.

Other obstacle courses that are popular to rent include tunnels, climbing walls, and a series floating barrels or tubes which can be ducked underneath. These challenging obstacle courses are available in many sizes to suit any space. You can even combine them with water slides to make it an even more enjoyable experience.

Dunk Tanks

A dunk tank is a large barrel of water with a mechanical seat on top. People pay money for the chance to dunk someone inside the dunk tank by throwing balls at the target in front. This popular carnival game works well for children's birthday parties, block party, church or company picnics. Just imagine how much fun you'd have if you dunk your boss or coworker.

You can also rent a dunk tank for a fundraising event. Ask local businesses if they want to get in on the action, such as restaurants, pool supply stores, car dealerships and home improvement centers. Drain the tank before closing it, as an overfilled tank can be a drowning risk. Keep in mind to avoid dunk pools when a storm is predicted. Water and lightning don't mix well.

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