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8 Reasons to Pick Phoenix Legit Motorsports

Jan 29

Phoenix Legit Motorsports LLC

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8 Reasons to Pick Phoenix Legit Motorsports

Phoenix, Arizona - 1/24/2023 - “A Dealer for the People” - Phoenix Legit Motorsports has been in business for over 3.5 years and has sold nearly 4000 vehicles since their 2018 inception. 


Phoenix Legit Motorsports is an auto dealership that specializes in selling high-quality used vehicles. The company has an unwavering commitment to customer service, which is proven by most of their auto sales coming by word of mouth and referrals. 


The team at Phoenix Legit Motorsports takes pride in offering a wide range of vehicles to choose from. They have a large inventory of both foreign and domestic cars, trucks, and SUVs. The company also offers a wide selection of luxury vehicles. Other services they provide include financing and extended warranties.


If you are in the market for a used car, truck, or SUV, then Phoenix Legit Motorsports is a dealership you can trust! Here are eight reasons why you should give them a try.


  1. Selection: They have a huge selection of vehicles to choose from. Whether you're looking for a compact car, a SUV, or a truck, they have what you need. If you're looking for a top-notch selection of vehicles, look no further than Phoenix Legit Motorsports. From sports cars to sedans, they’ve got everything you could possibly want.


  1. Pricing: They offer competitive pricing on all of their vehicles. They want to make sure that you can find a car that fits both your needs and your budget. Phoenix Legit Motorsports has the best selection of vehicles at the lowest prices. They take pride in offering customers literally unbeatable deals on the latest cars, trucks, and SUVs. Whether you're looking for a new set of wheels or just want to browse, it's a promise that you won't find a better deal elsewhere.


  1. Attention to Detail: They have a team of experienced mechanics who inspect each vehicle before it's put on the lot. This means that you can be sure that the car you're buying is in like-new condition. Committed to offering only the highest quality vehicles, they inspect their vehicles thoroughly before making them available to customers. You can be confident that any vehicle you purchase from Phoenix Legit Motorsports is in top condition.


  1. Financing: They offer financing options to make buying a car easier for you. They know that sometimes it's hard to come up with the entire purchase price up front, so they offer financing options to make things more manageable for you. If you're looking for an easy way to finance your next car purchase, Phoenix Legit Motorsports has you covered. They offer a variety of financing options that can help make the process hassle-free. Owner Rafael Gomez and his team will be happy to work with you to make your dream car a reality.


  1. Knowledgeable: They're always happy to answer any questions you might have about the car-buying process. They know that it can be confusing and overwhelming, so they want to make sure that you feel comfortable and confident every step of the way. Phoenix Legit Motorsports staff are knowledgeable and passionate about cars, trucks & SUVs. They are always happy to help customers find the perfect vehicle for their needs. The staff are friendly and helpful, making the car buying process quick and easy.


  1. Zero Pressure: They have a no-pressure sales policy. They won't try to push you into buying a car that isn't right for you just because they want to make a sale. Phoenix Legit Motorsports is committed to providing a zero-pressure sales experience. They believe that car buying should be enjoyable, not stressful. Their friendly and knowledgeable team members will answer any of your questions without pressure or obligation. Their goal is for you to feel confident that you're making the right decision for you.


  1. Experience: Buying a car should be an enjoyable experience, and they strive to make it just that for all of their customers. Whether this is your first time buying a car or your hundredth, they'll do everything they can to make sure that you have a positive experience at the dealership. Phoenix Legit Motorsports knows that buying a car is a big decision. They also pride themselves in providing a one of a kind car buying experience. Gomez puts it this way, “We want our customers to have a great time when they come to us to find their perfect car.”


  1. Charitable: Phoenix Legit Motorsports donates a car to a worthy individual each month. The selection process is conducted by a local charity who take into account many factors, including financial need and community involvement. 


Phoenix Legit Motorsports is a family-owned & operated business that was started with the goal of creating robust, long term legacies for generations to come. With 14 staff members on its team now and an online presence through their website as well as Instagram profile pictures promoting special offers from time-to-time.


Rafael Gomez, owner of Phoenix Legit Motorsports, attributes the company’s rapid growth to the amount of support it’s received from the local Phoenix community saying it’s been “insane, where they are now is a place I never imagined they would be. The support they receive through the community is crazy, which is why they love to give back through charities.”


“Today was an amazing day, as I mentioned a few weeks ago, Phoenix Legit Motorsport’s goal is to donate a vehicle every month to a non-profit organization created by our friends at! (See JCSupercars Instagram here) This organization helps provide reliable transportation for single moms and mentors at-risk boys. Experiences like these are humbling, and I thank the Lord for putting us in a position to be able to give back to our community!


Amanda is a 31 year old mother of three children. They are 13, 9 and 7. She is the definition of a superhero! The father of her children passed away when her kids they're babies. She recently completed her first year of dental hygienist school with a 3.0 at Phoenix College.  She has been through SO many struggles and nothing stops her from being a wonderful person, mommy and student. 


The transmission on her car went out and she has been lost without a vehicle.  She’s been catching rides with friends and family when she can.  No matter what, Amanda never, ever gave up. She has one more year of school left and has a very promising career ahead of her.  She is an amazing single Mom and so deserving of this donation!” (See Phoenix Legit’s Instagram here)


They hope that after reading this, you'll consider giving Phoenix Legit a try the next time you're in the market for a used car. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to help you find the perfect vehicle for your needs, and they'll work with you to get financing that fits your budget and lifestyle. So what are you waiting for? Come on down today!



Phoenix Legit Motorsports has a unique mission: to be the Dealer for the People by providing an inventory of high-quality vehicles, honest pricing, and outstanding customer service.


The company has succeeded in creating a loyal customer base by adhering to its mission statement. Customers appreciate the wide selection of vehicles, as they'll have the financing and extended warranty options that are available. 


One of the main reasons why customers refer their friends and family members to Phoenix Legit Motorsports is because they appreciate the wide selection of vehicles available at the dealership. In addition, customers appreciate the financing and extended warranty options that are available, as they'll as the fair and honest reputation that Phoenix Legit has built over the past 3 years.


What Makes Phoenix Legit Standout

The team at Phoenix Legit Motorsports are committed to providing excellent customer service and the best used cars in town. Phoenix Business Strategist, Steve Luke stated “Phoenix Legit is disrupting the traditional dealer approach by putting their customers needs above profits. With their expanding inventory, it'll be hard for them not to become one of your top choices when it comes time to buy a new vehicle!


Phoenix Legit Motorsports is an excellent example of how businesses should operate. They not only donate vehicles monthly to charity, but they also offer referrals for those looking in specific categories such as luxury cars or trucks. You won't find this dedication anywhere else. It's unique because these guys want their customers' satisfaction guaranteed by providing them with great service too so don’t hesitate when considering purchasing your next vehicle; you'll be glad that decision was easy. The team here at Phoenix Legit Motorsports is truly dedicated to providing top notch service, not just about money. 

If you need an affordable vehicle in Phoenix then contact Phoenix Legit Motorsports today! They have everything that is right for your lifestyle. Learn more about their inventory and financing options by visiting the website or calling them at (602) 368-4025.


Phoenix Legit Motorsports LLC

2602 N 37th Dr

Phoenix, AZ 85014

(602) 368-4025

[email protected]