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Which one is best for you: Roof Replacement vs. Re-roofing

May 13

Which one is best for you: Roof Replacement vs. Re-roofing

Previous Next A room that has been damaged by a roof leak. Your roof is one major investment you'll make in your home. But it delivers the best return if it is done correctly. Statisticians have shown that a roof can be resold at more than 80% off its original cost.


The most important decision in roof restoration is whether to re-roof your roof or replace it entirely. Let's compare both to find the best option for you.


What is the Process of Re-Roofing?

Re-roofing will restore your roof's appearance in the quickest and most economical way.


A protective layer of shingles is placed on top of the old shingles.


Your roof can be re-roofed if there is only one layer. The building codes prohibit the addition or removal of third layers of shingles to roofs with at least two layers. This would require a full replacement by Katy's roofing contractor.


Re-Roofing offers many benefits


  • Re-roofing a roof is a more cost-effective option than traditional roofing because it requires little time, labor, and supplies.

  • Re-roofing your roof is not a costly and time-consuming process.

What does a Roof Replacement entail?


When the roof has been replaced completely the old roofing shingles can be removed and the deck is revealed. The deck is then covered in felt paper or underlayment to keep it dry from the elements. A roof that lasts a minimum of 20 years is created by adding new shingles to the underlayment.


If the deck is severely damaged, it must immediately be restored in order to prevent future damage that could cause a hole underneath it.


A Complete Roof Replacement


  • Re-roofing can be less durable than replacing the entire roof.

  • It is possible regardless of how many layers there are of shingles.

  • Re-roofing may hide deck issues such as rot or cause roof failure, but a completely renovated roof addresses all problems for a safer roof.

  • It can save money in the long term as it allows you to spot early signs such as decay and sagging that could be caused by water damage. If this happens, it can cause water to drop inside walls, which can result in costly repairs.



How to Decide Between Re-Roofing or Complete Roof Replacement

If your roof is in good condition overall, you may consider re-roofing.


Re-roofing is possible for roofs with only one layer. The roof may need to be re-roofed if it is only partially damaged.


The roof may already have two layers, so it will need to be taken down before partial re-roofing can begin. This will increase labor costs as well as disposal costs. Roofers typically charge by the square footage of a 10' x10' roof, so partial re-roofing will be more expensive.


If the deck has signs of water damage or is sagging or shows evidence of mold growth, it will need repairs.


A total roof overhaul is also an option for those who just want to have peace of mind knowing that their deck and/or shingles are in excellent condition. The roofer will check for any signs of damage and repair any defects for a strong, durable roof that gives you peace of head.


If cost is a factor, you can still re-roof if your deck is not damaged. But, the key to a long-lasting roof is choosing high-quality roofing materials that can last 10 or more years.


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