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Top 9 Tips and Tricks for Winning at Casino Roulette

Dec 13

Top 9 Tips and Tricks for Winning at Casino Roulette


Tired of reading useless tips on how to play roulette online? We share with you some helpful tips, tricks, and tactics for winning at casino roulette.


9 Tips to Succeed at Casino Roulette


  • Make sure you enter a secure portal and that it has an approved license.
  • Select the roulette in which you have the most dominance or know in depth.
  • Playing games of roulette together is much better than doing it alone with a dealer.
  • Study your strategy with various techniques according to the type you choose. The Guetting method is useful in French and European roulette and the Paroli system will help you with American roulette.
  • The more attractive the environment or the pictures in HD image, the more expensive the roulette wheel.
  • Do not bet money that you cannot afford to lose, stop in time when you are not on a streak.
  • Make sure you have a stable connection, otherwise, the transmission will be cut, causing even losses in our funds.
  • Playing live roulette is usually paid, but you can also practice for free in online casinos.
  • Remember that any questions you have during the game can be consulted in the chat room.


Types of Bets to Win on the Roulette


Now, let’s discuss the types of bets to win at live roulette successfully:


  • Red / black: corresponds to the internal zone of the roulette, with this you can have a probability of winning 1/18 numbers.
  • Even / odd: it belongs in the same way to the internal region of the roulette wheel, according to the house where the ball lands. The player will have the opportunity to win in any of the 18 numbers (odd or even).
  • Two Dozen: As the name implies, it’s a single bet, where you get two dozen of the mat.
  • Dozen: concerns the external part of the roulette mat, this in turn is divided into 3 rows from 2 to 1. Each segment contains a dozen, where the player will bet on a contiguous dozen.
  • Six: With just one bet of six contiguous numbers on the outer mat, the player can win at roulette.
  • Cross: in just one bet, three numbers in a row will be the right ones to win at roulette. In turn, it has variants to win at roulette, in the transverse 0, 2 and 3 or 0, 1 or 2.
  • Horse: With this strategy, you bet two contiguous numbers vertically or horizontally on the outer mat to win.


Minimum and Maximum Bets

Surely you want to bet to win at roulette and you don't know where to start. Live casinos generally handle different bets when it comes to casino roulette. These are divided into two categories, minimum and maximum bets, to win at roulette.


Minimum bets are the players that can bet with a small denomination to win at roulette. This varies from one casino to another, for example, to start simple games they allow you a minimum of €1 or €5. The downside to starting minimum bets is that you don't have many moves to win at roulette.


The maximum bets are x100 times the minimum denomination that the casino has. That is, if the minimum is €5, it is multiplied by one hundred, resulting in €500 the maximum bet. Its disadvantage is that when making large bets the risk is greater, and you lose the chance to win at roulette.


Do not forget that you should not make bets with money that you cannot afford to lose.