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Digestzen Essential Oil Blend Uses and Benefits

Nov 18

DigestZen essential oils blend is a great companion to help with digestion, relieve occasional upset stomachs, reduce gas and bloating.

Digestzen Digestive Blend Essential Oil

DigestZen, also known as doTERRA’s "tummy tamer", is a blend that aids in digestion, relieves occasional stomach upset, and helps maintain digestive health. This unique blend includes Ginger, Fennel and Coriander to ease occasional stomach discomfort such as motion sickness or indigestion. Peppermint and Tarragon help with digestion and maintain a healthy gastrointestinal system. DigestZen is safe and effective and great for when you have stomach upsets. DigestZen is a natural and healthy way to soothe upset stomachs or maintain healthy digestion.

Aromatic Description Sweet, minty, licorice

Digestive Blend Essential Oil Benefits

  • Helps with digestion
  • May cause occasional stomach upsets
  • Reduces gas and bloating

Digestzen Digestive Blend Essential Oil Uses

  • Add a few drops to car diffuser - Before you take a road trip, add a few drops onto your car diffuser to maintain a healthy digestive system.
  • A Holiday Helper - Massage oil after big holiday meals to aid digestion.
  • Take with you while travelling to ease occasional stomach upsets or try new foods.
  • Tame A Tummy – Rub your child's stomach when they are experiencing a tummy ache. It will help your child sleep well. Apply 1 drop of DigestZen mixed with fractionated coconut oil to stomach when they are upset.
  • Moo Moo...Boo Boo – If you are experiencing too much dairy, try DigestZen topically.
  • A Sailor's Little Buddy -- For a happy cruise experience, bring DigestZen. DigestZen can help balance your stomach while you enjoy the all-you-can-eat buffets.
  • Through the Woods Long road trips can be a great way to bond with your family. Do not let winding roads detract from the enjoyment. Try diffusing DigestZen in your car from time-to-time to keep everyone's stomachs at ease. It's a great idea to keep on board a fishing or sailing boat.
  • Turbulence on the Horizon- Flying to new places is great fun, but it can cause stomach problems. DigestZen should be with you when you travel by plane.
  • Kick Tension and Pressure - This blend can be used to calm upset stomachs, but it can also be applied to temples to relieve tension or sinus pressure.
  • A Buy Person's Pal - When we get too busy, often our diet suffers. Late night eating is more popular than fast food, skip meals, indulgences, and so on. DigestZen is a great option for busy digestion.
  • Greasy Foods, Angry Belly – Cafeteria food is often packed with grease that can cause discomfort. Before you go to a cafeteria, make sure to use several drops of DigestZen on your belly or in an inhaler.
  • Soothing Bath - Add a drop to your bathtub water. This will help support healthy digestion.
  • Great Neutralizer - DigestZen contains Fennel essential oil, which will appeal to those who like black licorice. Diffuse to neutralize odors.
  • Carefree at carnival - First, a funnel cake followed by the teacup ride. DigestZen is recommended to bring along the whole family so they can have fun together.
  • Take-out This digestive mix will calm even the most intense kick your favorite local take-out place can give you.
  • Unfamiliar restaurant Relief - It's easy for people to experience digestive distress when they travel or go to unfamiliar restaurants. This oil blend will help to reduce or eliminate the adverse effects of certain foods.

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