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Help The Scary Snowman

Hey everybody, I’m Jay Karl and this is my wife Kim. Together we bring you the scary snowman videos. I get inside The Snowman while Kim does the filming. I have been doing the Scary Snowman skits since 2011 and Kim joined me about 3 years ago. In the past I was able to pay for everything out of pocket but traveling is expensive. With your help, we can make this tour as awesome as it can be!”

We want to travel across the country to continue making awesome Scary Snowman videos and to meet our die-hard fans! To make this season as epic as possible, we need your help! Traveling with a HUGE snowman isn’t as simple as it sounds. “He needs his own bed at the hotel, we have to keep the car super cold so he won’t melt, but in reality traveling to meet everyone isn’t cheap.

We thought long and hard creating these perks, for a $10 pledge we will give you a sneak peek at new videos before anyone else. We will follow you back on your social media accounts. For $50 You get a Halloween shoutout! We will share a picture of you or your pet wearing your epic Halloween costumes on our Scary Snowman Facebook page with over 3 million followers. Pledge $5000 and we will bring The Scary Snowman to your home town! We will travel to wherever you and your friends are and let you be part of the pranking fun! Be a special guest in The Snowman costume and make an appearance on video. After a day of filming we’ll throw a pizza party for you and your friends.

If we don’t reach our goal it’s not the end of the world. We will still create the videos although we will be limited to how far we can travel. We really want to make this tour amazing, and with your help, we can! We want to thank you in advance for taking the time to watch this video and considering to help us on our journey.

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