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Fake Power Outlet Prank At The Airport

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Jay & Kim have some down time at the airport and decide to play a fun little prank by placing fake power outlets around the terminal and catching the reactions on camera.

Taking Off Her Panties Prank

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In this prank Melissa went up to strange men and awkwardly took off her panties. She even went so far as to asking them to hold the panties as she walked away.

Killer Clown Vegas Scare Prank

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These guys aren’t clowning around. They’re out to scare the sh!t out of people and they’re not holding back.

Killing My Own Kid PRANK!!

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Roman Atwood accidentally throws his son over the balcony while wrestling, at least thats's what his girlfriend thinks.

Snooping on Boyfriend’s Phone Prank Goes CRAZY!!

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If you knew your girl was snooping on your phone would you set her up? That's exactly what the Viral Bros did! He even took a pic with a fake side chick.

Telling People Smoking is bad – Social Experiment Gone Wrong

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This Prankster went around informing smokers that smoking causes Cancer. He found out very quickly that you don't get between someone and this sick addiction. Things escalated quickly at the end.

Top 10 Of The Best Scary Snowman Prank Reactions (2012)

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Scary Snowman sets up his hidden camera prank all over the United States scaring the life out of people walking by. Where will he be next?

*Gone Savage* Scary Snowman Terrorizes Boston

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Freaky the Scary Snowman Headed out to one of his favorite places in Cambridge (just outside of Boston) to terrorize the locals and to get some of that delicious hot chocolate.

Hissing Cockroach Shower Prank On GirlFriend

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Revenge can be ugly sometimes, especially if it's in the form of a cockroach!

Scary Snowman Wreaks Havoc *GONE WILD* in Nashville

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Scary Snowman is back in Nashville - Rocking out some Christmas Cheer!


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Does your man constantly ignore you to play video games? Here is one way to get his attention.

How TO Get Your Friend To Super Glue A Beer Can To His Head

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Super Glue Beer Can On Head Hidden Camera Practical Joke

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