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Scary Snowman Greatest Reactions Of All Time – Directors Cut

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Jay Karl's hand picked all time favorite reactions. This will never get old. Long live the scary snowman!

Hologram Poltergeist Prank

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This is one Halloween Decoration you need in your life

Prank Gone Wrong!! Easter Bunny Goes Thug In Real Life!

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This is why you don't throw eggs at random strangers! Although it is hilarious to watch!

Fast & Furious Nerd Shocks Instructors

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A driving school approached them and thought it would be funny to prank their new instructors on the first day at the job.

Fart Spray – Drive Thru Prank

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As if the food doesn't smell bad enough, these Pranksters added the finishing touch.

You Shouldn’t Do That To Old People

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In this classic clip Freaky is scaring people on Thayer St, in providence Rhode Island. One woman even tells Freaky (right after he scared the life out of her) "You shouldn't do that to old people."

Alien Scare Prank !!!

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He setup this alien by the doorway and waited for him to get home from school. Legend has it he is still running!

That Moment When You Realize These Boys Aren’t loyal

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This boy throws his girlfriend in the water after he gets the man scared out of him by Jason Voorhees.

Drunk Girl In Public (Social Experiment)

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Stephen Zhang had a young women pretend to be drunk in public while she's trying to find the bus to Culver City.  I think pepper spray sales will go up after this one.

Hidden Camera Teaches Guys an Important Health Lesson

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To raise awareness for prostate cancer, women wearing hidden cameras remind men to get themselves checked out too. Prostate cancer is the second-leading cause of cancer death in American men. If detected early, prosta...

Situational Blindness Social Experiment

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Situational Blindness is a Psychological Phenomena people aren't totally aware of. How far do you think someone could push this theory?

😱 If the friend zone was A horror Movie 😱

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Every Nice guy's worst nightmare 😱

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