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*Who Wins* Santa Vs’ The Savage Snowman

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This is one guys list you don't ant to be on!

Shampooing Guys In Public Showers Prank

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All they wanted to do was rinse off but the task became never ending when this prankster kept pouring shampoo in their heads. Check out the Girls Edition

Extreme NYC Traffic Jam “Prank”

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These turtles were in no hurry to get where they were going. Everyone else was!

Abandoned Baby In The Hood

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This is what happens when you abandon a baby in the hood!

Ultimate Rude Awakening Swimming Pool Prank

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Never be the first guy to pass out drunk!

Does The Public Fear Pit Bulls? Aggressive Dog Breed Social Experiment!

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Is there an attack on Pit Bulls by the media? Is society being mislead? You be the judge!


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Insane bait phone prank!! SHOCKING Criminals!! Double VOLTAGE!!! Instant Punishment!!

Tinder Date Prank Backfires!

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He tried to prank her.. Watch what happens when he finds out she’s a Hooker. I nearly died laughing.

Scary Snowman Wreaks Havoc *GONE WILD* in Nashville

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Scary Snowman is back in Nashville - Rocking out some Christmas Cheer!

Fake Power Outlet Prank At The Airport

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Jay & Kim have some down time at the airport and decide to play a fun little prank by placing fake power outlets around the terminal and catching the reactions on camera.


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Watch what happens when the dye packs explode in the thieves faces!

Killer Clown 4 – Massacre! Scare Prank!

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These guys aren't clowning around! DM Pranks did it again! This is their fourth installment of this crazy clown scare prank. If you love horror flicks you'll love this one.

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