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Scary Snowman Terrorizes Columbus Ohio

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Prankster gets in a snowman costume and terrorizes the people of Columbus.


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Nothing says I love you more than this!

Anniversary Prank Backfires!!

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Roman told his girlfriend that he cheated on her to get her reaction on camera. She flipped the script on him when she reveals she has been cheating too. Watch what happens next.

Killer Clown Prank On Sleeping GirlFriend

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Isn't that what girlfriends are for? Terrifying them and making them cry?

Epic Ball Prank On Wife – The Kids Must PLay

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The Dad of the year award goes to.... When the wife is away the boys will play.

Woman Abused In Front Of Cops Prank!

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Vitally is obviously verbally and physically abusing this woman right in front of the police. The cops reactions are hilarious when they realize the woman is a mannequin.

Girl Walks Around NYC With No Pants!

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If a woman was walking next to you and she wasn't wearing any pants would you notice? All these people in New York City certainly didn't.

Killer Clown 4 – Massacre! Scare Prank!

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These guys aren't clowning around! DM Pranks did it again! This is their fourth installment of this crazy clown scare prank. If you love horror flicks you'll love this one.


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When this little guy gets home from school he heads upstairs to his bedroom to play like he does every day. Little does he know, Papa has a hologram ghost setup to freak him out.

Electric SHOCK Prank

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When you rig electricity to your fridge and invite people to have a beer, you're asking for trouble!

Situational Blindness Social Experiment

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Situational Blindness is a Psychological Phenomena people aren't totally aware of. How far do you think someone could push this theory?

Zombie Attack Puppet In Real Life Prank

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terrifying Zombie Puppet Prank Makes These People Completely Lose Their Mind.

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