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Watch what happens when the dye packs explode in the thieves faces!

Scary Snowman Invades Portland Maine

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Guess who's back? Back again. Back again... to scare some men. Freaky's back, Freaky's back, Freaky's back, Freaky's back.

Scary Snowman Strikes Again – Great Prank Reactions

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Here is the latest edition to the scary snowman episodes. Perfect for this March Blizzard!

Picking up sexy girls with a massage | Public Prank

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The oil boy massages and picks up sexy girls on the beach and they love it!

Guy Watches Girlfriend To See If She Will Cheat With Her Yoga Instructor

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Wanna See My Rack? Flash Prank!!!

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Sassi Bob female prankster extraordinaire went around asking people if they wanted to see her rack.

Remote Controlled Alligator Prank 2018 – Boat Cops Called!

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Back by popular demand, this alligator never fails to deliver! Get your own Gator Head Here's The Boat I Used

Hair Dye Switch-A-Roo Prank

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Kim freaks out when Jay swaps her black hair dye for blond dye. When will he learn you don't mess with a Latina's hair?

Food Coloring Toothbrush Prank

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Sometimes Kim likes to do cute little things for Jay for example put his tooth paste on his tooth brush. Well this time she added a little… I mean a lot of food coloring in his toothbrush. He had a good WTF moment.

Pumpkin Patch Killer Halloween Scare Prank

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The Prank Bros put together this clever pumpkin costume and hid in a pumpkin patch to scare people. The best ones are when the parents set their children up to be scared.

Jason Voorhees In Real Life Prank (Friday The 13th)

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When Jason Voorhees jumps out of the water you run! Even if it means leaving your girlfriend behind to die.

Fake Power Outlet Prank At The Airport

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Jay & Kim have some down time at the airport and decide to play a fun little prank by placing fake power outlets around the terminal and catching the reactions on camera.

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