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Hilarious Sneezing On Strangers In Public Prank- Try Not To Laugh

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This is what happens when you have free time and a spray bottle.

Anniversary Prank Backfires!!

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Roman told his girlfriend that he cheated on her to get her reaction on camera. She flipped the script on him when she reveals she has been cheating too. Watch what happens next.

Scary Snowman 2012 Full Season (Over 1000 Reactions)

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Freaky's releasing his full season videos. If you like long videos, grab some popcorn and enjoy!

Balls In The Face Prank

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Just in time for Thanksgiving 0,5er a prankster from Germany has a very unique growth on his neck. It almost looks like a gizzard you would find hanging from a turkey's neck. It certainly makes for awkward situations ...

Killer Clown Vegas Scare Prank

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These guys aren’t clowning around. They’re out to scare the sh!t out of people and they’re not holding back.

Scary Snowman 2015 Full Season Over 100 Reactions! Try Not To Laugh

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Scary Snowman sets up his hidden camera prank all over the United States scaring the life out of people walking by. Where will he be next?

Friday The 13th Prank Jason Voorhees In Real Life (Long Version)

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All your favorite Friday The 13th clips compiled into one long thrilling version.

He Duct Taped His Friend Inside A Trolley For A Day And It Was Torture..

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Jays Instagram - Romells Instagram -

Pennywise In Real Life Killer Clown Prank

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This balloon popping clown scares the life out of these poor souls.

Guy Hilariously Trolls People With a Remote Controlled Alligator Prank Head

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Get your own Gator Head Here’s The Boat I Used A fake alligator scares the sh*t out of people. Submit your video to be Featured Everyone l...

Alligator In The Pool Prank

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Dad thought it would be funny to throw an alligator in the pool to scare his kids. Dad of the year goes to this guy!

Awkward Questions in Public – How Often Do You Masturbate?

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Joseph Costello really likes to put people in awkward situations. He went around asking people how often do they masturbate. The reactions will probably humor you.

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