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Getting Rejected – Reverse Rejection Prank

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Getting rejected hurts, it makes a little boy cry on the inside. Now you can be ready to make the girls feel as bad as they made you feel.

Scary Snowman Savage Prank *JEDI MIND TRICKS*

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The snowman is playing mind trick with people in this one.

Run Away Drone! This is one way to fly!

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Up up and away, this is one way to deliver gifts. Or scare the crap out of your girlfriend.

Scary Snowman Prank *MINDS BLOWN* Best Reactions

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Jack Nicholson makes a quick cameo. You won't believe what he says to the snowman.

Disgusting Sharting Prank

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This clever prankster found a way to gross girls out by making shart sounds come out his but? But how does he do it?

Getting My Tinder Date High

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He told this Tinder dates They were smoking weed. Watch how they act when the Placebo Effect kicks in!

Yoga Pants Prank Backfires (Guys Take Pics)

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When you take a pic of a girls booty, turn the volume down

Bestfriend Tattoos His EX Girlfriends Name As Birthday Gift.

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Bad Tattoo Prank Goes Too Far When He Puts A Horrible Tattoo On Friend's Arm!!

Killer Clown Pizza Delivery Prank

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Nobody is safe this clown season. Hide your kids, hide your wife, he's scaring everybody out there.

Girlfriend BRUTALLY Cheats on and Dumps Boyfriend for Millionaire after being Exposed!!!

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Today we conclude placing Alyssa to the test and after using a BMW i8 and a million dollar mansion to try and see if she's a gold digger, Yancy confronts her! Watch the epic, hilarious, brutal ending end!!!!

Assassin’s Creed Meets Parkour In Real Life – Prank

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NosTera created something for prank fans and Assassin's Creed fans alike. By Combining Parkour with public pranking he brings this mischievous character to life.

Sneezing on Strangers With A Hidden Spray Bottle Prank

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Spray and pray, here he is again spreading viruses

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