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Remote Controlled Spider Attack Prank

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Reality Pranksters bring a giant remote controlled spider in for a classic scare prank in the city.

Scary Snowman Greatest Reactions Of All Time – Directors Cut

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Jay Karl's hand picked all time favorite reactions. This will never get old. Long live the scary snowman!

Epic Fake Roach Prank On Girls – Freak Out!

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I don't know about you but when somebody asks me if I want a roach, I'm thinking the smoking kind Haha

Zombies In Real LIfe

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The zombies are coming, the zombies are coming!

Getting My Tinder Date High

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He told this Tinder dates They were smoking weed. Watch how they act when the Placebo Effect kicks in!

Top 10 Hilarious Scary Snowman Prank Reactions

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Scary Snowman sets up his hidden camera prank all over the United States scaring the life out of people walking by. Where will he be next?

Do you want to see her rack? Social Experiment- What would you do?

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It's all a play on words. Oh internet you were so young.

SCARY SNOWMAN PRANK 2015 FULL SEASON (25 Mins) Over 100 reactions!

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Try not to laugh at these Scary Snowman clips, Over 100 reactions from 2015!

Alligator Prank On Cops

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When the Prank bros set out to prank people with their remote controlled alligator they never expected the police to help the video be even more entertaining. Someone give these officers an Emmy.

You Shouldn’t Do That To Old People

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In this classic clip Freaky is scaring people on Thayer St, in providence Rhode Island. One woman even tells Freaky (right after he scared the life out of her) "You shouldn't do that to old people."

Top 10 Killer Clown Sightings So Far (2016)

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Clowns are being reported all across the country and the general public & police are losing their minds.

Extreme NYC Traffic Jam “Prank”

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These turtles were in no hurry to get where they were going. Everyone else was!

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