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Disgusting Sharting Prank

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This clever prankster found a way to gross girls out by making shart sounds come out his but? But how does he do it?

Getting My Tinder Date High

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He told this Tinder dates They were smoking weed. Watch how they act when the Placebo Effect kicks in!

Abandoned Baby In The Hood

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This is what happens when you abandon a baby in the hood!

50 Over The Top Reactions – Scary Snowman

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The Most famous snowman of the 21st century

Wanna See My Rack? Flash Prank!!!

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Sassi Bob female prankster extraordinaire went around asking people if they wanted to see her rack.

Hot Girl With Balls Prank – Spring Break 2015

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When a hot girl in a bikini asks you to rub sunblock on her back, get ready to deal with her package!! SURPRISE! This girl's got balls for real.

Picking Up Girls With A Bugatti Veyron

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Just how hard is it to get a girl these days? Not too hard if you have money. This video shows just how easy it is when you have a Bugatti Veyron a 1.5 million dollar chick magnet.

That Moment When You Realize These Boys Aren’t loyal

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This boy throws his girlfriend in the water after he gets the man scared out of him by Jason Voorhees.

Friday The 13th In Real Life Prank (Jason Voorhees)

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When Jason Voorhees jumps out of the water you run! Even if it means leaving your girlfriend behind to die.

Scary Snowman Terrorizes Columbus Ohio

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Prankster gets in a snowman costume and terrorizes the people of Columbus.

Old Man Marries 12 Yr old Girl – Social Experiment (Video)

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What happens when a senior citizen goes to Time Square with his 12 year old bride for a photo shoot?

Tinder Date Experiment! Hot Girl’s CRAZY Son Shows Up!!

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They Think They’re On A Tinder Date With A Hot Girl. Then Her Crazy Son Shows Up!

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