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Buzz Cut Prank On Girlfriend – Prank War!!!

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Classic revenge prank on Girlfriend.

Old Man Marries 12 Yr old Girl – Social Experiment (Video)

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What happens when a senior citizen goes to Time Square with his 12 year old bride for a photo shoot?

Friday The 13th Drive Thru Halloween Prank

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Bad enough we have to worry about him coming out of the water. Now this!?

3 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Homosexual

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In a recent viral video you might have seen, a woman walking through New York City was catcalled hundreds of times. Model Pranksters went out to see if the same thing happens to men. The results were similar. Now Denn...

Hilarious Sneezing On Strangers In Public Prank- Try Not To Laugh

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This is what happens when you have free time and a spray bottle.

Mortal Kombat Elevator Prank

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Sub Zero is one of the most feared competitors in the fight scene. He freezes people solid before smashing them to pieces. These people got into their own fighting stance when he trapped them in an elevator.

Don’t Scare Anybody

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Disobeying demands of a law enforcement officer can be scary for the public.

Remote Controlled Spider Attack Prank

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Reality Pranksters bring a giant remote controlled spider in for a classic scare prank in the city.

Scary Snowman Greatest Reactions Of All Time – Directors Cut

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Jay Karl's hand picked all time favorite reactions. This will never get old. Long live the scary snowman!

Epic Fake Roach Prank On Girls – Freak Out!

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I don't know about you but when somebody asks me if I want a roach, I'm thinking the smoking kind Haha

Epic Ball Prank On Wife – The Kids Must PLay

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The Dad of the year award goes to.... When the wife is away the boys will play.

Zombies In Real LIfe

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The zombies are coming, the zombies are coming!

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