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Yeti In Real Life Prank

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Its a cold snowy day and you're cozy inside staying warm. Out the corner of your eye you see a massive white creature lurking in the forest. Don't be alarmed, it's only Eddy the Yeti going for a walk. The reactions in...

Woman Abused In Front Of Cops Prank!

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Vitally is obviously verbally and physically abusing this woman right in front of the police. The cops reactions are hilarious when they realize the woman is a mannequin.

Alien Prank Invasion

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Prank Bros invaded Newport Rhode Island to have some fun with the natives. Watch as Al the Alien stands at highway on ramps and sneaks up on people at the park.

*Gone Savage* Scary Snowman Terrorizes Boston

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Freaky the Scary Snowman Headed out to one of his favorite places in Cambridge (just outside of Boston) to terrorize the locals and to get some of that delicious hot chocolate.

How To Become An Adult Films Star

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Seems most people would be down if the price is right. It's also nice to see that married women are still loyal.

Homeless Veteran’s Intense Reaction To Bait Car Prank

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In a world where many people are struggling, things can get extremely tough.

Top 10 Killer Clown Sightings So Far (2016)

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Clowns are being reported all across the country and the general public & police are losing their minds.

3 Hours Of “Harassment’ In NYC!

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In a recent viral video you might have seen, a woman walking through New York City was catcalled hundreds of times. Model Pranksters went out to see if the same thing happens to men. The results may shock you.

Best Of The Scary Snowman

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He'll be back again someday...

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