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Situational Blindness Social Experiment

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Situational Blindness is a Psychological Phenomena people aren't totally aware of. How far do you think someone could push this theory?

Classic Gorilla In Real LIfe Prank

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This monkey learned how to catch humans. He set up a bunch of bananas in the middle of the path and waited patiently for people to take one. KHA Entertainment and the Prank Bros delivered with this classic Gorilla Prank.

Happy Ending Massage Prank

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He Thinks It’s a Regular Massage… Until The ‘Happy Ending’!

*Guys From The Hood* Show Up At Your House – What Do You Do?

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Do this in the wrong Neighborhood and you're going to get shot.

Alligator Prank On Cops

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When the Prank bros set out to prank people with their remote controlled alligator they never expected the police to help the video be even more entertaining. Someone give these officers an Emmy.

Yeti & Scary Snowman *GONE WILD* If Yeti Were Real 4-6

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Be careful you might get shot doing stuff like this.

Haunted Snowman Terrorizes Salem This Halloween

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He's back!

Girl Walks Around NYC With No Pants!

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If a woman was walking next to you and she wasn't wearing any pants would you notice? All these people in New York City certainly didn't.

Scary Snowman Terrorizes Columbus Ohio

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Prankster gets in a snowman costume and terrorizes the people of Columbus.

Shampooing Guys In Public Showers Prank

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All they wanted to do was rinse off but the task became never ending when this prankster kept pouring shampoo in their heads. Check out the Girls Edition

Miami Beach Spring Break Rat Prank

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Spring break will never be the same after these five year olds expose Miami’s Rat problem!

Jason Voorhees In Real Life Prank (Friday The 13th)

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When Jason Voorhees jumps out of the water you run! Even if it means leaving your girlfriend behind to die.

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