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Assassin’s Creed Meets Parkour In Real Life – Prank

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NosTera created something for prank fans and Assassin's Creed fans alike. By Combining Parkour with public pranking he brings this mischievous character to life.

That Moment When You Realize These Boys Aren’t loyal

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This boy throws his girlfriend in the water after he gets the man scared out of him by Jason Voorhees.

Scary Snowman Wreaks Havoc *GONE WILD* in Nashville

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Scary Snowman is back in Nashville - Rocking out some Christmas Cheer!

Fart Spray – Drive Thru Prank

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As if the food doesn't smell bad enough, these Pranksters added the finishing touch.

How we Lost 45 – 65 Pounds (HoverBoard Giveaway)

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I have too many of these things and wanted to give one away <3 Besides I can't find any real practical use for them. They're simply fun to ride.

Buzz Cut Prank On Girlfriend – Prank War!!!

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Classic revenge prank on Girlfriend.

Friday The 13th Drive Thru Halloween Prank

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Bad enough we have to worry about him coming out of the water. Now this!?


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Alligator Prank On Cops!!!

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When the Prank Bros attached a realistic alligator head to a remote controlled boat all hell broke loose! These officers were more worked up then the people getting pranked.

Bikini Poop Stain Prank

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Charlie Taylor asks guys to put some sun screen on but when they notice a little stain things get awkward.


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Insane bait phone prank!! SHOCKING Criminals!! Double VOLTAGE!!! Instant Punishment!!

Guy Scares People With a Remote Controlled Shark

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Many humans seem to have an unhealthy & irrational fear of sharks and some people are even afraid to go into the ocean.. That’s absolutely crazy! How can an animal that kills less people each year then Alligators...

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