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Dropping Toys In The Ladies Room Prank

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It gets a little personal when you drop your boyfriend on a dirty public restroom floor.

😂😂 Mouse Trap Prank Breaks His Toe 😂😂

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Revenge is sweet, but now he walks with a limp. My question is why does he have so many 5 hour energy drinks?

Scary Snowman Invades Portland Maine

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Guess who's back? Back again. Back again... to scare some men. Freaky's back, Freaky's back, Freaky's back, Freaky's back.

Snoop Dogg shoots clown resembling Trump in new music video

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Snoop Dogg uses a toy gun to shoot a clown resembling President Donald Trump in a new music video. ... "This is the final call," he says before pointing a gun at the clown dressed as Trump who is smoking a cigarette. ...

Ultimate Rude Awakening Swimming Pool Prank

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Never be the first guy to pass out drunk!

He Duct Taped His Friend Inside A Trolley For A Day And It Was Torture..

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Jays Instagram - Romells Instagram -

Scary Snowman Greatest Reactions Of All Time – Directors Cut

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Jay Karl's hand picked all time favorite reactions. This will never get old. Long live the scary snowman!

Scary Snowman Wreaks Havoc *GONE WILD* in Nashville

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Scary Snowman is back in Nashville - Rocking out some Christmas Cheer!

Remote Controlled Alligator Prank 2018 – Boat Cops Called!

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Back by popular demand, this alligator never fails to deliver! Get your own Gator Head Here's The Boat I Used

Remote Controlled Spider Attack Prank

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Reality Pranksters bring a giant remote controlled spider in for a classic scare prank in the city.

Scary Snowman Prank 2014 Cambridge Massachusetts – Episode 7

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Scary Snowman sets up his hidden camera prank all over the United States scaring the life out of people walking by. Where will he be next?

Killer Clown 4 – Massacre! Scare Prank!

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These guys aren't clowning around! DM Pranks did it again! This is their fourth installment of this crazy clown scare prank. If you love horror flicks you'll love this one.

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