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Pranks In Virtual Reality Will Blow Your Mind

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Virtual reality is poised to be the biggest shift in the history of filmmaking. Facebook's goal is to be the new "Day Time TV". It's obvious the industry is changing and it's time to make some big moves. I'm jum...

Pregnant Girlfriend Gives Birth In Uber

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Hammy went all out in this modern day birth in a taxi cab scenario. When his girlfriends water breaks these Uber drivers faces are priceless!

Yeti & Scary Snowman *GONE WILD* If Yeti Were Real 4-6

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Be careful you might get shot doing stuff like this.

Picking Up Girls With A Bugatti Veyron

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Just how hard is it to get a girl these days? Not too hard if you have money. This video shows just how easy it is when you have a Bugatti Veyron a 1.5 million dollar chick magnet.

Pumpkin Patch Killer Halloween Scare Prank

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The Prank Bros put together this clever pumpkin costume and hid in a pumpkin patch to scare people. The best ones are when the parents set their children up to be scared.


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Classic prank

That Moment When You Realize These Boys Aren’t loyal

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This boy throws his girlfriend in the water after he gets the man scared out of him by Jason Voorhees.

Scary Bunny Prank

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They found and old hollowed out tree and knew it would be perfect. All they needed to do now is lure them in to take a look.

Alien Prank Invasion Ultimate Prank Compilation

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Warning: These pranks are performed by trained idiots. Pranks Channel does not condone any action you take upon watching the following video and will not be liable for any losses, damages, or criminal charges received...

Top 25 Sleeping Pranks! 😴

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Waking up pranks on sleeping people just to scare them, confuse them or simply both. #Wakeup!  

Real Life Dutch Oven Christmas Present Prank

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Ever been lying in bed and your significant other farts and holds your head under the blanket? This is kind of like that just on a much larger scale.

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