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Telling People Smoking is bad – Social Experiment Gone Wrong

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This Prankster went around informing smokers that smoking causes Cancer. He found out very quickly that you don't get between someone and this sick addiction. Things escalated quickly at the end.

Top 10 Killer Clown Sightings So Far (2016)

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Clowns are being reported all across the country and the general public & police are losing their minds.

How TO Get Your Friend To Super Glue A Beer Can To His Head

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Super Glue Beer Can On Head Hidden Camera Practical Joke

Brownie Bug Prank Gone Wrong when Prank Backfires 😜

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Would you be upset if someone tried to feed you bugs in your brownie?

Happy Ending Massage Prank

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He Thinks It’s a Regular Massage… Until The ‘Happy Ending’!

Remote Control Rat Prank – Crazy Freak Out!

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The classic remote controlled rat never gets old.

Woman Abused In Front Of Cops Prank!

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Vitally is obviously verbally and physically abusing this woman right in front of the police. The cops reactions are hilarious when they realize the woman is a mannequin.

Run Away Drone! This is one way to fly!

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Up up and away, this is one way to deliver gifts. Or scare the crap out of your girlfriend.

Tinder Date Prank Backfires!

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He tried to prank her.. Watch what happens when he finds out she’s a Hooker. I nearly died laughing.

Jason Voorhees In Real Life Prank (Friday The 13th)

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When Jason Voorhees jumps out of the water you run! Even if it means leaving your girlfriend behind to die.

Hearing Voices Paranoid Prank

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Here is the classic Paranoid prank with a hidden speaker set up in the trees

GirlFriend Laxative Cookie Prank

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Pete decided to bake some cookies for his girlfriend Melissa. She loved them so much she nearly ate them all. Little did she know they were baked with a laxative!

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