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Yeti & Scary Snowman *GONE WILD* If Yeti Were Real 4-6

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Be careful you might get shot doing stuff like this.

Blowing Girls Clothes Off Prank

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It's cold season and these guys just can't stop sneezing.

Balls In The Face Prank

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Just in time for Thanksgiving 0,5er a prankster from Germany has a very unique growth on his neck. It almost looks like a gizzard you would find hanging from a turkey's neck. It certainly makes for awkward situations ...

Yeti Scare Prank In real Life – Smile You’re on Camera

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Eddie The Yeti stands at 8 Feet tall and scares the bejebus out of people when they think he's a statue. Although to his defense his sign kind of did give it away.

Remote Control Rat Prank – Try Not To Laugh

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Here's another try not to laugh challenge. Can you do it?

Killer CLown Is Terrifying Drive Thru Employees Across The United States

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Be on the look out for this hangry clown. He was spotted last in Nashville TN.

Remote Control Rat Prank – Crazy Freak Out!

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The classic remote controlled rat never gets old.

Epic Ball Prank On Wife – The Kids Must PLay

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The Dad of the year award goes to.... When the wife is away the boys will play.

Hologram Poltergeist Prank

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This is one Halloween Decoration you need in your life


168.91K Views0 Comments

The Never ending shampoo prank never gets old.

Crazy Ex Girlfriend Shows Up While On A Date!! Tinder Prank!

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Every thing was going great until his so called sexy ex girlfriend showed up. Then the shit hit the fan!

Extreme NYC Traffic Jam “Prank”

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These turtles were in no hurry to get where they were going. Everyone else was!

Friday The 13th Prank Jason Voorhees In Real Life (Long Version)

39.02K Views0 Comments

All your favorite Friday The 13th clips compiled into one long thrilling version.

Scary Clowns In Real Life – Halloween Prank

14.56K Views0 Comments

These guys aren't clowning around when it comes to getting their scare on.

Hearing Voices Paranoid Prank

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Here is the classic Paranoid prank with a hidden speaker set up in the trees

Scary Snowman Savage Prank *JEDI MIND TRICKS*

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The snowman is playing mind trick with people in this one.

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