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Hidden Camera Captures Reactions When He learns His Car On Fire

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. Good thing they diffused the situation before it got out of hand.

Classic Gorilla In Real LIfe Prank

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This monkey learned how to catch humans. He set up a bunch of bananas in the middle of the path and waited patiently for people to take one. KHA Entertainment and the Prank Bros delivered with this classic Gorilla Prank.

Scary Bunny Prank

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They found and old hollowed out tree and knew it would be perfect. All they needed to do now is lure them in to take a look.

Sneezing on Strangers In Public Prank

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Here we go again with spreading viruses


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Watch what happens when the dye packs explode in the thieves faces!

Abandoned Baby In The Hood

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This is what happens when you abandon a baby in the hood!

Alligator Prank On Cops!!!

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When the Prank Bros attached a realistic alligator head to a remote controlled boat all hell broke loose! These officers were more worked up then the people getting pranked.


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Raiden is one of the most feared competitors in the fight scene being the Thunder God and all. He electrocutes his opponents with bolts of lightning. These people were shocked when he trapped them in an elevator.

Killer Clown Pizza Delivery Prank

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Nobody is safe this clown season. Hide your kids, hide your wife, he's scaring everybody out there.

Yoga Pants Prank Backfires (Guys Take Pics)

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When you take a pic of a girls booty, turn the volume down

Scary Snowman Prank 2017 * Over 100 Reactions * Can You Watch Them All?

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Scary Snowman will be coming to Virtual Reality in February 2017!

Crazy Ex Girlfriend Shows Up While On A Date!! Tinder Prank!

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Every thing was going great until his so called sexy ex girlfriend showed up. Then the shit hit the fan!

Jerking Off In Front Of Cops Prank!

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Shaking up your protein with your back to a Police Officer really weirds them out.

Prankster Scares the S*** Out of People Dressed as Jason Vorhees

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This prankster is lucky to be alive. He comes out of the water wielding a machete and terrorizing innocent people in this Friday The 13th Scare Prank!

*Gone Savage* Scary Snowman Terrorizes Boston

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Freaky the Scary Snowman Headed out to one of his favorite places in Cambridge (just outside of Boston) to terrorize the locals and to get some of that delicious hot chocolate.

Fake Power Outlet Prank At The Airport

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Jay & Kim have some down time at the airport and decide to play a fun little prank by placing fake power outlets around the terminal and catching the reactions on camera.

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