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GirlFriend Laxative Cookie Prank

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Pete decided to bake some cookies for his girlfriend Melissa. She loved them so much she nearly ate them all. Little did she know they were baked with a laxative!

When He Don’t replace the Toilet Paper

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You get the duct tape and build a Toilet Paper blaster

Explosive Diarrhea Prank

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The title says it all. I just didn't expect it to be so sudden and explosive.

Bikini Poop Stain Prank

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Charlie Taylor asks guys to put some sun screen on but when they notice a little stain things get awkward.

Giant Teddy Bear Revenge Prank On Wife Backfires

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When he comes to life HAAH!

He Duct Taped His Friend Inside A Trolley For A Day And It Was Torture..

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Jays Instagram - Romells Instagram -

Shaving Peoples Heads Prank

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New Pranks every Tuesday 6 PM EST  

Scary Snowman Prank 2017 Episode 6 Providence

85.77K Views0 Comments

he's back! Watch out Olaf, Frosty's evil twin sits on the side waiting for unsuspecting curious people to approach him, when they least expect it, Freaky jumps out and scares the life out of them.

Killer CLown Is Terrifying Drive Thru Employees Across The United States

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Be on the look out for this hangry clown. He was spotted last in Nashville TN.

Lip Gloss / Plump Switch Prank On Girlfriend

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“You look like a duck” he says moments before she starts throwing everything but the bathroom sink at him.

Scary Snowman Prank US Tour 2017 * Over 100 Reactions * Can You Watch Them All?

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Where will the snowman be next? Follow our IG stories to find out! Instagram Watch out Olaf, Frosty's evil twin sits on the side waiting for unsus...

Bestfriend Tattoos His EX Girlfriends Name As Birthday Gift.

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Bad Tattoo Prank Goes Too Far When He Puts A Horrible Tattoo On Friend's Arm!!

Yeti & Scary Snowman *GONE WILD* If Yeti Were Real 4-6

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Be careful you might get shot doing stuff like this.

Fart Spray – Drive Thru Prank

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As if the food doesn't smell bad enough, these Pranksters added the finishing touch.

Girlfriend BRUTALLY Cheats on and Dumps Boyfriend for Millionaire after being Exposed!!!

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Today we conclude placing Alyssa to the test and after using a BMW i8 and a million dollar mansion to try and see if she's a gold digger, Yancy confronts her! Watch the epic, hilarious, brutal ending end!!!!

Snooping on Boyfriend’s Phone Prank Goes CRAZY!!

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If you knew your girl was snooping on your phone would you set her up? That's exactly what the Viral Bros did! He even took a pic with a fake side chick.

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