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Epic Dinosaur Prank

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What's scarier the a T-Rex? A T-Rex in real life! This realistic animatronic beast sneaks up behind people scaring them back to Prehistoric times.

Abandoned Baby In The Hood

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This is what happens when you abandon a baby in the hood!

Lip Gloss / Plump Switch Prank On Girlfriend

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“You look like a duck” he says moments before she starts throwing everything but the bathroom sink at him.

Killing My Own Kid PRANK!!

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Roman Atwood accidentally throws his son over the balcony while wrestling, at least thats's what his girlfriend thinks.

Scary Clowns In Real Life – Halloween Prank

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These guys aren't clowning around when it comes to getting their scare on.

Yeti & Scary Snowman *GONE WILD* If Yeti Were Real 4-6

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Be careful you might get shot doing stuff like this.

Bikini Poop Stain Prank

13.80K Views0 Comments

Charlie Taylor asks guys to put some sun screen on but when they notice a little stain things get awkward.

*Who Wins* Santa Vs’ The Savage Snowman

25.61K Views0 Comments

This is one guys list you don't ant to be on!

Woman Abused In Front Of Cops Prank!

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Vitally is obviously verbally and physically abusing this woman right in front of the police. The cops reactions are hilarious when they realize the woman is a mannequin.

Pennywise In Real Life Killer Clown Prank

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This balloon popping clown scares the life out of these poor souls.

SCARY SNOWMAN PRANK 2016 FULL SEASON (22 Mins) Can You Watch Them All?

33.14K Views0 Comments

Over 100 reactions! Can you watch them all? These are the best reactions of the 2016 season!

Assassin’s Creed Meets Parkour In Real Life – Prank

11.41K Views0 Comments

NosTera created something for prank fans and Assassin's Creed fans alike. By Combining Parkour with public pranking he brings this mischievous character to life.

Balls In The Face Prank

216.74K Views0 Comments

Just in time for Thanksgiving 0,5er a prankster from Germany has a very unique growth on his neck. It almost looks like a gizzard you would find hanging from a turkey's neck. It certainly makes for awkward situations ...


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While Jay was asleep his wife Kim rigged the toilet with those little snaps you throw on the ground.  She tapped them to all the contact points on the bottom side of the toilet seat, then carefully put the lid down. K...

Alligator Prank On Cops

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When the Prank bros set out to prank people with their remote controlled alligator they never expected the police to help the video be even more entertaining. Someone give these officers an Emmy.

Jerking Off In Front Of Cops Prank!

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Shaking up your protein with your back to a Police Officer really weirds them out.

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