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Pranks In Virtual Reality Will Blow Your Mind

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Virtual reality is poised to be the biggest shift in the history of filmmaking. Facebook's goal is to be the new "Day Time TV". It's obvious the industry is changing and it's time to make some big moves. I'm jum...

Getting Rejected – Reverse Rejection Prank

24.39K Views0 Comments

Getting rejected hurts, it makes a little boy cry on the inside. Now you can be ready to make the girls feel as bad as they made you feel.

Food Coloring Toothbrush Prank

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Sometimes Kim likes to do cute little things for Jay for example put his tooth paste on his tooth brush. Well this time she added a littleโ€ฆ I mean a lot of food coloring in his toothbrush. He had a good WTF moment.

Bestfriend Tattoos His EX Girlfriends Name As Birthday Gift.

17.63K Views0 Comments

Bad Tattoo Prank Goes Too Far When He Puts A Horrible Tattoo On Friend's Arm!!

WTF? Crazy Dude Drinks Laxatives And Super Glues His Butthole Shut, Watch Him Try To Poop

300.06K Views0 Comments

This is the stupidest thing ever.

Epic Dinosaur Prank

20.88K Views0 Comments

What's scarier the a T-Rex? A T-Rex in real life! This realistic animatronic beast sneaks up behind people scaring them back to Prehistoric times.

Bikini Poop Stain Prank

11.86K Views0 Comments

Charlie Taylor asks guys to put some sun screen on but when they notice a little stain things get awkward.


40.32K Views0 Comments

Nothing says I love you more than this!

Assassin’s Creed Meets Parkour In Real Life – Prank

10.58K Views0 Comments

NosTera created something for prank fans and Assassin's Creed fans alike. By Combining Parkour with public pranking he brings this mischievous character to life.

Hair Dye Switch-A-Roo Prank

39.34K Views0 Comments

Kim freaks out when Jay swaps her black hair dye for blond dye. When will he learn you don't mess with a Latina's hair?

Killer Clown Vegas Scare Prank

34.03K Views0 Comments

These guys arenโ€™t clowning around. Theyโ€™re out to scare the sh!t out of people and theyโ€™re not holding back.

Crazy Ex Girlfriend Shows Up While On A Date!! Tinder Prank!

41.03K Views0 Comments

Every thing was going great until his so called sexy ex girlfriend showed up. Then the shit hit the fan!

Jason Voorhees In Real Life Prank (Friday The 13th)

14.92K Views0 Comments

When Jason Voorhees jumps out of the water you run! Even if it means leaving your girlfriend behind to die.

Disgusting Sharting Prank

17.18K Views0 Comments

This clever prankster found a way to gross girls out by making shart sounds come out his but? But how does he do it?

Halloween Prank Compilation 2015

24.80K Views0 Comments

Grab a cuddle buddy for this one.

Vibrating Panties Prank On Girlfriend! Orgasm In Front Of My Mom!

814.61K Views0 Comments

When you get kinky before dinner and forget to change out of ย your vibrating panties.

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