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Nothing says I love you more than this!

Hot Girl With Balls Prank – Spring Break 2015

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When a hot girl in a bikini asks you to rub sunblock on her back, get ready to deal with her package!! SURPRISE! This girl's got balls for real.

Scary Snowman Greatest Reactions Of All Time – Directors Cut

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Jay Karl's hand picked all time favorite reactions. This will never get old. Long live the scary snowman!

Killer Clown Vegas Scare Prank

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These guys arenโ€™t clowning around. Theyโ€™re out to scare the sh!t out of people and theyโ€™re not holding back.

Bestfriend Tattoos His EX Girlfriends Name As Birthday Gift.

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Bad Tattoo Prank Goes Too Far When He Puts A Horrible Tattoo On Friend's Arm!!

Savage Snowman * You Can Kill Someone By Scaring Them*

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An original prank from The Prank Bros; The infamous Scary Snowman. Here is a compilation of some of the best reactions They have gotten.

Disgusting Sharting Prank

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This clever prankster found a way to gross girls out by making shart sounds come out his but? But how does he do it?

10 Minutes Of Harassment As A Giant Titan Robot

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We've all seen the viral videos of people walking down the street and being harassed. Extreme Costumes took out their giant Titan Robot to see what kind of obscenities he would receive. The results may tickle your fun...


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While Jay was asleep his wife Kim rigged the toilet with those little snaps you throw on the ground. ย She tapped them to all the contact points on the bottom side of the toilet seat, then carefully put the lid down. K...

Lip Gloss / Plump Switch Prank On Girlfriend

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โ€œYou look like a duckโ€ he says moments before she starts throwing everything but the bathroom sink at him.

Pregnant Girlfriend Gives Birth In Uber

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Hammy went all out in this modern day birth in a taxi cab scenario. When his girlfriends water breaks these Uber drivers faces are priceless!

Telling People Smoking is bad – Social Experiment Gone Wrong

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This Prankster went around informing smokers that smoking causes Cancer. He found out very quickly that you don't get between someone and this sick addiction. Things escalated quickly at the end.

How To Become An Adult Films Star

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Seems most people would be down if the price is right. It's also nice to see that married women are still loyal.

Hidden Camera Teaches Guys an Important Health Lesson

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To raise awareness for prostate cancer, women wearing hidden cameras remind men to get themselves checked out too. Prostate cancer is the second-leading cause of cancer death in American men. If detected early, prosta...

Alien Scare Prank On My Grandson!!!

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I setup this alien by the doorway and waited for my Grandson to get home from school. Legend has it he is still running!

Jason Voorhees In Real Life Prank (Friday The 13th)

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When Jason Voorhees jumps out of the water you run! Even if it means leaving your girlfriend behind to die.

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