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Killing My Own Kid PRANK!!

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Roman Atwood accidentally throws his son over the balcony while wrestling, at least thats's what his girlfriend thinks.

Scary Snowman Prank *MINDS BLOWN* Best Reactions

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Jack Nicholson makes a quick cameo. You won't believe what he says to the snowman.

Scary Snowman Greatest Reactions Of All Time – Directors Cut

45.25K Views0 Comments

Jay Karl's hand picked all time favorite reactions. This will never get old. Long live the scary snowman!

Shampooing People In Public Showers Prank

42.06K Views0 Comments

All they wanted to do was rinse off but the task became never ending when this prankster kept pouring shampoo in their heads.

Brownie Bug Prank Gone Wrong when Prank Backfires 😜

15.39K Views0 Comments

Would you be upset if someone tried to feed you bugs in your brownie?

*Who Wins* Santa Vs’ The Savage Snowman

24.51K Views0 Comments

This is one guys list you don't ant to be on!

Massive ManHood Prank

164.73K Views0 Comments

Derek Russo Pulled a fast one on these unsuspecting people. Derek Pretended he needed to take photos for a Tennis Contest and asked strangers to help out. When they weren't looking Derek used a pump to inflate a fake ...

Scaring Men Scare Prank Compilation

34.68K Views0 Comments

Nothing makes me piss my pants laughing more than watching other guys piss their pants screaming.    

Yoga Pants Prank Backfires (Guys Take Pics)

69.36K Views0 Comments

When you take a pic of a girls booty, turn the volume down

2 Hours Of Harassment Walking Down The Street As A Muslim

11.25K Views0 Comments

What happens when you dress as a Muslim and walk down the street. OckTV does just that in this eye opening video. The reactions may shock you.

*Gone Savage* Scary Snowman Terrorizes Boston

51.13K Views0 Comments

Freaky the Scary Snowman Headed out to one of his favorite places in Cambridge (just outside of Boston) to terrorize the locals and to get some of that delicious hot chocolate.

Run Away Drone! This is one way to fly!

15.47K Views0 Comments

Up up and away, this is one way to deliver gifts. Or scare the crap out of your girlfriend.

Lip Gloss / Plump Switch Prank On Girlfriend

17.62K Views0 Comments

“You look like a duck” he says moments before she starts throwing everything but the bathroom sink at him.

Ultimate Rude Awakening Swimming Pool Prank

25.21K Views0 Comments

Never be the first guy to pass out drunk!

Don’t Scare Anybody

23.09K Views0 Comments

Disobeying demands of a law enforcement officer can be scary for the public.

Taking Off Her Panties Prank

24.74K Views0 Comments

In this prank Melissa went up to strange men and awkwardly took off her panties. She even went so far as to asking them to hold the panties as she walked away.

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