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Ultimate Horror Nightmare Prank Compilation

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All your favorite horror characters in one great video of epic prank reactions.


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Watch what happens when the dye packs explode in the thieves faces!

SCARY SNOWMAN PRANK 2015 FULL SEASON (25 Mins) Over 100 reactions!

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Try not to laugh at these Scary Snowman clips, Over 100 reactions from 2015!

Scary Snowman Prank 2014 Cambridge Massachusetts – Episode 7

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Scary Snowman sets up his hidden camera prank all over the United States scaring the life out of people walking by. Where will he be next?

Picking up sexy girls with a massage | Public Prank

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The oil boy massages and picks up sexy girls on the beach and they love it!

Extreme NYC Traffic Jam “Prank”

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These turtles were in no hurry to get where they were going. Everyone else was!

Scary Snowman Prank Providence Rhode Island (2013) Episode 10

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Watch out Olaf, Frosty's evil twin sits on the side waiting for unsuspecting curious people to approach him, when they least expect it, Freaky jumps out and scares the life out of them.

Alligator Prank On Cops!!!

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When the Prank Bros attached a realistic alligator head to a remote controlled boat all hell broke loose! These officers were more worked up then the people getting pranked.

How we Lost 45 – 65 Pounds (HoverBoard Giveaway)

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I have too many of these things and wanted to give one away <3 Besides I can't find any real practical use for them. They're simply fun to ride.

I Dressed Up As A Yeti & Pranked The Locals

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Jay Karl loves to dress as characters and mess with people. In this latest video he dressed as a yeti. The reactions couldn't be any better.

Hidden Camera Catches People Getting Paranoid From Hearing A Voice Describe What They Are Wearing.

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They took a speaker and hid it in a tree and then described what people were wearing and doing as they walked past the speaker.

Hissing Cockroach Shower Prank On GirlFriend

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Revenge can be ugly sometimes, especially if it's in the form of a cockroach!

50 Over The Top Reactions – Scary Snowman

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The Most famous snowman of the 21st century

He Duct Taped His Friend Inside A Trolley For A Day And It Was Torture..

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Jays Instagram - Romells Instagram -


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Classic prank

Guy Scares People With a Remote Controlled Shark

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Many humans seem to have an unhealthy & irrational fear of sharks and some people are even afraid to go into the ocean.. That’s absolutely crazy! How can an animal that kills less people each year then Alligators...

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